8 Hour Projects: Sustaining Practice, Community and Self, allegheny college, September 6 – 25, 2011

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO. This annual art event features a dozen artists making art on site with the public invited to observe (and participate if the artist so desires). This year’s artists are Shaila Christofferson (Chicago), Pedar Dalthorp (Anchorage, AK), Matt Forrest (Pittsburgh, PA), Amara Geffen (Vernon, PA), n. sean glover (Pittsburgh and Boston), Heather Hertel (Slippery Rock, PA), Michelle Illuminato (Alfred, NY), Jeremy LeClair (Portsmouth, NH), Joe Meiser (Lewisburg, PA), Anna Mikolay (Pittsburgh, PA), Elizabeth Mooney (Pittsburgh and Boston), and Allegheny alumnus Alex Mead ’01 (Portsmouth, NH). CLICK HERE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION CATALOG PDF.