An international invitational exhibition with diversity scholar-in-residence Zanele Muholi. The works in this exhibition deal frankly with human sexuality.

Highlights include Muholi’s immersive installation “Insila Yomuntu” in the Bowman Gallery. The South African artist was on the Allegheny campus for more than a week to speak about her work with students, community members and gallery visitors.

“Nude No. 5, Eleanor Dubinsky and Melanie Marr,” an experimental video piece by New York artist Mary Ellen Strom, was housed in the Megahan Gallery. THINK AGAIN, a Los Angeles-based artist collaborative, presented two large projections in the Vukovich Center for Communication Arts: “Mind Control” and “Queer Youth Manifesto.” The images were visible every evening during the exhibition through the building’s wall of windows.

The show also included a wide variety of drawings, paintings, photographs, videos and sculptural works by Melissa Boyajian, Ria Brodell, Jacinta Bunnell, Andrea Chung, Jess Dugan, Jesse Jagtiani, Nahna Kim, Jacob Kincheloe, Cobi Moules, Jesse Finley Reed, Jeannie Simms, Colleen Toledano and Yasumasa Morimura.

The artists featured in ‘In Between’ urge us to question and challenge lines of identity. Though each of the artists works toward different specific ends, what unites them is a refusal to conform to banal and limiting myths about prevailing systems of political representation, discourse and their categorized places within those systems. CLICK HERE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION CATALOG PDF.