Rough trade, January 23 – March 4, 2018, allegheny college

In this exhibition, we seek to expand the semantic geography of the word “trade,” to move it beyond male sexuality and sex acts specifically, and to re-conceive the word within the broader realm of queer art theory to explore non-normative identities, power play, desire, and the allure of risky assignations. Many of the invited artists have crafted new works for this show using time-honored methods to make ceramic sculptures and functional wares that are anything but traditional. The artists are Mark Burns, Jeremy Brooks, Wesley Harvey, Ryan Wilson Kelly, Kathy King, Howard Kottler, Matt Nolen, Anne Drew Potter, Anthony Sonnenberg, Caitlin Rose Sweet, H.M. Thompson, and Triesch Voelker. CLICK HERE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION CATALOG PDF.